CommCon 2024: London & San Francisco

CommCon is back for 2024!

We’re in touring mode: This year we’re doing two events: a hackathon and conference in London and a hackathon and conference in San Francisco. 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Expect all the usual normal CommCon goodness, just in smaller chunks. Like fun-sized Mars bars.

London event is Wed 5 & Thu 6 June, San Francisco event is Wed 12 & Thu 13 June. Same CFP for both events, just let us know which event you are submitting for. 👍

What is CommCon?

CommCon is an event for real-time and open media folks to get together, share their knowledge and celebrate all things open source and open standards.

We have previously done full-scale residential events as well as purely virtual ones. This year we are on tour!

What are we looking for?

Maybe you’re working on a cool real-time or open media project, or you figured out how to deal with a particularly tricksy problem, or you’ve got some other wisdom to share, we’d love to hear your ideas for technical talks in the fields of real-time comms and open media.


As the real-time and open media industries become ever more entwined, we want to provide a space to discuss the full range of technical topics. Here’s the kind of thing we’re after:

Real-time communications

  • Anycast network methodology / sharing single-destination IP across devices
  • WHIP and WHEP for standardised signalling
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Scalability of WebRTC projects
  • PaaS companies joining the WebRTC crowd
  • Updates from Open Source VoIP and WebRTC projects

Open media

Anything media-related goes as long as it is open source or open standards. Topics might be:

  • Open standards and interop for encoding, broadcast, remote guests and Content Delivery Networks
  • Moving away from RTMP and into newer protocols for broadcast
  • Using AI in video
  • Low-latency browser streaming, video analytics
  • Supporting 4k and 8k, HDR

Check out previous sessions on our Youtube channel for inspiration 💡

Previous years content can be found at

The details

London conference: Thu 6th June 2024 (and please do join us for the hackathon on Wed 5 June)

San Francisco conference: Thu 13th June 2024 (and please do join us for the hackathon on Wed 12 June)

Talks will be 20-25 mins each, with 5 mins for questions.

All sessions are recorded and put online instantly.

As a speaker you would get a free ticket to the conference - which includes the hackathon on the Wednesday. We can't cover everyone's travel at this time. If a sponsor comes on board to help us with that we'll let you know.


If you want to chat over talk ideas or have any other questions, drop us a line: [email protected]

We can't wait to hear more about what everyone's been working on!

If you are having issues putting your talk into the CFP software, try submitting without a photo or bio and send the images over to us at [email protected]!

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